A regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service is perfect for businesses that frequently produce sensitive and confidential documents and want to comply with information security standards. Our experts will prepare a risk assessment at your facility and create a custom shredding schedule for your business. Commercial paper shredding services provide the best protection for your secure documents at the most cost-effective price.

The Benefits of Routine Commercial Shredding Services

Routine Commercial Shredding Services are available daily, weekly, or monthly. Schedule your document shredding service at your convenience.

Routine scheduling saves money. You’ll get one flat rate that includes shredding, pulping, and recycling of all materials. There are never any hidden fees.

When you schedule routine shredding services, you’ll receive free secure locking collection containers for your facility. These containers keep sensitive documents safe between shreddings and decrease clutter around the office.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction, documenting your commitment to information security, upon completion of each service.

Come Once or Regularly

Our one-time paper shredding service is ideal for annual clean-outs or moves to free up your office or storage space of old and sensitive documents. Consider a one-time, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annual purge and keep your space clear and confidential information secure.

You Can Come To Us

Secure drop-off shredding is available at our community drop-off facility located in Huntington Valley, PA. Bring your documents, hard drives and other electronics to our facility for safe, secure destruction. We will be there to make sure your personal items are destroyed efficiently and securely.

We're Good for the Environment

With Shred One's computer recycling services, your desktop and laptop computers are recycled with a positive benefit to the environment. Our sustainability benefits include:

  • Improves public health by preventing toxicants such as lead and mercury from entering local water supplies or food sources.

  • Metals and plastics are recovered for reuse in new products

  • Hazardous materials  prevented from entering environment's land, water and air

  • Conserve natural resources

  • Save  landfill space

  • Support local jobs

How It Works

On-Site Pick-Up

We supply all routine customers with secure disposal containers to store documents in between shredding services. On the day of collection, documents are either collected and placed directly onto our collection trucks.


Materials are loaded directly into the shredding equipment upon arrival at the facility or immediately shredded on-site with our fleet of mobile shredding trucks.



Baling & Recycling

Following destruction, we supply a Certificate of Destruction to verify all information received has been destroyed. After all documents have been destroyed, we bale the shredded paper in-house and send it directly to the end user: the paper mill.

What We Can Destroy

  • Hard Drives $15 for hard drive only; $20 for hard drive w/ CPU
  • Monitors  $0.75/lb.
  • Televisions $0.75/lb.
  • Televisions $1.00/lb.
  • Printers $5.00 per unit
  • Scanners $5.00 per unit
  • Fax Machines $5.00 per unit
  • Computer Peripherals $1.00 per unit
  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray $20 per 1.2 ft³ or brown paper grocery bag
  • USB & Thumb Drives $2.00 per unit

Shred One is THE document shredding company to use. We have had nothing but excellent service from their team. They show up when they say they will, they are responsive to requests, they make clean-outs easy, and their pricing is great. Use them!

- Laura B.