Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Professional hard drive shredding at Shred One goes beyond “wiping” data or degaussing your drive. Our shredding facility utilizes automation and high-quality machinery to ensure private data and confidential information cannot be compromised. Render your private information completely irretrievable. Our state-of-the-art shredders provide guaranteed security by ensuring that your old hard drives are 100% destroyed.

Close-up photo of professional HD destruction machinery shredding a drive
Photo of shredded and destroyed hard drive remains

Compliant Information Destruction

Hard drive destruction services keep your business compliant with relevant privacy regulations. Our facility and destruction equipment meet all of the strictest data privacy laws, including:

  • GLBA

Electronic media is destroyed using our industrial-grade destruction machines. We’ll destroy your hard drives in seconds, making your private information secure and irretrievable. We can also shred, recycle and dispose of other electronics, including the entire computer.


Commercial & Bulk Hard Drive Shredding

For commercial, high-volume hard drive disposal, we will pick up all of your secure materials at your facility. Our staff is trained and certified to adhere to strict chain-of-custody standards that guarantee your information security.

Residential Hard Drive Shredding

We also offer hard drive destruction services for residential customers. Our residential services help keep our customer’s private information confidential and secure, protecting individuals from identity theft and other information threats.

Please contact us to schedule a pickup of your commercial or residential hard drives and electronics.


Pricing for hard drive destruction services will vary based on the services provided.

See below for standard rates.

What We Can Do For You

We are AAA NAID Certified Members of the National Association for Information Destruction and adhere to its strict standard operating procedures and code of ethics. This process ensures a secure chain of custody is maintained from beginning to end.

Industrial HD Destruction Equipment

Hard drives are destroyed with high-grade machinery at our shredding facility located in Huntington Valley, PA. Hard drives and other electronics are destroyed efficiently and securely by our trained team using an AMS-150HD electronic media shredder. This top-of-the-line machine is capable of shredding up to 200 hard drives per hour. Investing in this equipment allows us to offer highly efficient and secure data destruction services to our clients.

We're Good for the Environment

With Shred One's electronics recycling services, hard drive materials are recycled with a positive benefit to the environment. Our sustainability benefits include:

  • Improves public health by preventing toxicants such as lead and mercury from entering local water supplies or food sources.

  • Metals and plastics are recovered for reuse in new products

  • Hazardous materials  prevented from entering environment's land, water and air

  • Conserve natural resources

  • Save  landfill space

  • Support local jobs

How Hard Drive Shredding Works

Serial Numbers Recorded

To ensure complete destruction of sensitive information, all devices' serial numbers will be recorded, scanned, and verified before hard drive shredding begins.

Verified HD Destruction

Upon completion of the destruction of your materials, you'll receive a Certificate of Destruction including an itemized list of serial numbers of each destroyed device, verifying all drives and media devices have been received and destroyed properly and confidentially.


All materials that pass through our shredding facility are responsibly disposed of. After data destruction is complete, metal and electronics are recycled without posing a risk to the environment.

What We Can Destroy

  • Hard Drives $15 for hard drive only; $20 for hard drive w/ CPU
  • Monitors  $0.75/lb.
  • Televisions $0.75/lb.
  • Televisions $1.00/lb.
  • Printers $5.00 per unit
  • Scanners $5.00 per unit
  • Fax Machines $5.00 per unit
  • Computer Peripherals $1.00 per unit
  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray $20 per 1.2 cu. ft. or brown paper grocery bag
  • USB & Thumb Drives $2.00 per unit

Shred One is THE document shredding company to use. We have had nothing but excellent service from their team. They show up when they say they will, they are responsive to requests, they make clean-outs easy, and their pricing is great. Use them!

- Laura B.