Weighing the cost of paper shredding services against the price your organization could pay for a security breach is a no brainer. By choosing a professional document destruction company like Shred One to manage your sensitive materials, you minimize your risk of a much greater cost down the line.

How Much Does Manual Shredding Cost Your Business?

Use our Shredding Cost Calculator to determine just how much you’re spending if you shred all of your documents in house. This includes the equipment, time, and effort it takes to manage this task. You may also want to take into account the risk your company may face should a data breach occur from within.

Calculate Your Shredding Costs

Equipment Costs

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Labor Costs

  1. Minutes *
  2. Days
  3. $ ***
Total Monthly Cost for Equipment
Total Monthly Cost for Labor

Estimated Monthly Shredding Cost
Estimated Quarterly Shredding Cost
Estimated Annual Shredding Cost

*Average small office spends 15 minutes of personnel time shredding per day.
**Assumes Volume of No More Than 3 Bankers Boxes
***U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics for administrative and clerical workers in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.