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It is important to know what to shred, but it's also important to know what to save. Some personal documents, such as birth certificates and social security cards, should never be shredded or destroyed. Other documents, including bank statements, expense reports and others, should be destroyed only after they are no longer necessary.

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Use our Shredding Cost Calculator to determine just how much you're spending if you shred all of your documents in house. This includes the equipment, time, and effort it takes to manage this task.

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A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records after every shredding service. This document verifies that all information received has been destroyed confidentially.

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This guide details the recommended number of years to keep different types of documentation.

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All of your questions and concerns about our shredding services and employees answered.

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There are several rules and regulations we need to follow regarding private information. Find out which laws and governing bodies apply to document destruction.

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Knowing that your documents are being shredded securely is helpful, but seeing your records being disposed ensures proper handling.

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