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Paper Shredding Service for Delaware

Providing Quality Shredding Service since 2004

Shred One Security Corp. provides commercial mobile paper shredding and document destruction for Delaware Communities and businesses. Our service area includes the New Castle County and surrounding region. Shred One is a premier document destruction and paper shredding company servicing Delaware.

Shred One Document Shredding trucks maintain a regular schedule to meet all of your document destruction needs. Shred One's document destruction trucks are in your area at a minimum of once a week, and many times our trucks are in your area on a daily basis.

Please Contact Us to talk with one of our Document Destruction Specialists or to arrange for an on-site consultation.

Providing Paper Shredding and document destruction Services for Delaware, New Castle County and surrounding area

Our Shredding Services Include:

  • Customized Service Plans
    Shred One will prepare a custom service plan to meet your document security requirements.
  • Shredding for More Than Just Paper
    Shred One shreds documents and other sensitive materials, like X-rays, blue prints, VHS tapes and photographs.
  • Secure Document Collection Containers
    Based on your requirements, Shred One will provide you with a secure executive container or a large wheeled container.
  • Certificate Of Destruction
    A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records to document the complete destruction of all materials.
  • Recycling
    All shredded material is 100% recycled. For every ton of paper recycled, you help save 17 trees and 3 cubic yards of landfill space.
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